Take Us Home (2023)

Dong Ni, Xi Du and Nan Yin are three cousins from the Zheng family, who knows each other from childhood. Dong Ni has a rebellious personality because of her parents’ situation. Before she decides to run from her family problems and get married in Germany, she tries to take Xi Du with her, and to do so, she tried to mess with his relationship with his girlfriend. At the same time Xi Du, after losing his parents, raised by distant relatives, is still trying to repay his debt of gratitude to them, working hard for the whole family. The last of them, Nan Yin had a perfect family since she was a child, and her only form of disobedience over the years was to get a marriage certificate in order to resist her mother’s control.
Three different people, three different stories and one family. Each of them tries to cut themselves off from their roots, but the past and blood ties, don’t let them to be forgot. Will they be able to put their complicated ties together and find mutual support after many years?
Adapted from the novel series ‘Memory in the City of Dragon’ (龙城三部曲) by Di An (笛安).

Take Us Home (2023)

Season 1

36 Episodes -
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