Kokichi no Nyoubou (2019)

The Tenpo period is near the end of the Edo period. The poor banner, Katsuie’s wife, Nobu, is struggling with money every day, but she also keeps an innocent smile. Regardless of your status, there is no separation among people, and the goodness of your chest is also a perfect score. My husband is Katsukichi. A natural gun. My arms are so strong that I can’t hate it if asked. I can’t help but love Koiyoshi. Brightness of light, carefreeness, wisdom, and momentum support Kokichi’s continued trouble. And his son, Rintaro, keeps watching his parents calmly. Clever and intelligent. In order to save the Edo people as a “Katsu Kaifune” after receiving the righteousness from his father, the love that surpassed his mother’s status.

Kokichi no Nyoubou (2019)

Season 1

06 Episodes -
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