Kissable Lips (2022) (Movie)

Having spent the past five hundred years wandering through history as an immortal vampire, Kim Jun Ho now finds himself tired of his endless existence. Having lived more lifetimes than anyone ever should, Jun Ho knows that the only way to end his miserable life is to drink the blood of a pure-blooded human and thus become human himself. But finding a pure-blood isn’t nearly as easy as one might think.
On the brink of giving up hope of finding such an elusive human, Jun Ho is shocked when he crosses paths with Choi Min Hyun, an oblivious human who possesses the rare pureblood. Captivated by Jun Ho’s undeniable good looks, Min Hyun is drawn to the immortal who yearns for his blood. But getting close to a vampire comes with its own special set of risks, especially when the vampire you’re drawn to has a very jealous immortal crush. Having loved Jun Ho for more years than he can count, Kwon Hae Soo is devastated when he learns of Jun Ho’s plan to trade his immortality for a chance to live and die as a human. Determined to keep Jun Ho safe from his own foolishness, Hae Soo devises a plan to drive Min Hyun away.
Torn between the friend who has stood by him for centuries and the human who could give him everything he desires, Jun Ho now stands at a pivotal crossroads. With his very existence at stake, will he choose to follow his head or his heart?
The feature-length version of the drama of the same name, “Kissable Lips”.

Kissable Lips (2022) (Movie)

Season 1

01 Episodes -
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