Curling Girls (2022)

Xia Tang Yuan tried to join the Zhongbei Women’s Curling Team to get closer to the handsome curling prince, but was turned down by the serious coach, Zhao Yi Bing. At this time, the Zhongbei Women’s Curling Team was about to be disbanded and in need of new players to join a competition. An incident led to the discovery that Xia Tang Yuan actually had talent for the sport, which also made Zhao Yi Bing break her defense and have Xia Tang Yuan successfully join the team.
Adapted from the web novel ‘Xing Chen Yu Hui Jin’ (星辰与灰烬) by Ye Jia Liang (野加凉).
Dedicated to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Curling Girls (2022)

Season 1

16 Episodes -
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